Health, Safety Premises

Health and safety is a primary concern in Satyam Engineering Services, and our excellent safety record bears witness to this fact.

We firmly believe that continued emphasis on our active safety program will continue to provide a safe, healthy

workplace for our personnel and those around them. Our zero-incident safety philosophy is a priority and is part of our normal business. At Satyam Engineering Services, safety and health incidents are simply not

acceptable. Satyam Engineering Services is committed to ensuring that working conditions are safe, workers are treated with respect and dignity, and manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible. Most companies agree they have an obligation to provide their employees with a safe and secure work environment. They create safety programs, insist on employee training and have occasional meetings. But at Satyam Engineering Services, we take safety to the next level. Our goal is to take safety to Beyond Zero by preventing even one accident from occurring. We put the personal

health and safety of our employees first – wherever they are. For us, safety is more than a policy manual or a training video; it’s how we do business and it’s how we live. Our

people are our greatest asset and the basis for our success. We believe that we owe it to our employees to help keep them and their families, communities, our clients and our contractors healthy and happy. When you join Satyam Engineering Services, you join a culture of caring.


Satyam Engineering Services Improve our value, year on year, for our long term clients. Successful Improve contracts are based on strong long term relationships. Satyam Engineering Services culture is, and always has been, one of open communication, informal yet professional, with a company-wide focus on excellence. Our relationships are based on trust and teamwork. This enables everybody to focus on the critical issues that drive long term contract performance improvement, such as safety, optimum capital spend and the efficient and effective use of resources."

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