Satyam Engineering Services is a specialist design Engineering team in detailed engineering and project management consultancy, providing services to Chemical, Petrochemical Refinery, Fertilizers, Oil & Gas Projects. SES is a team of young, efficient, qualified and hardcore professionals with broad spectrum of consultancy and industrial background. The Corporation has only one operating subsidiary in the engineering field with the capability to provide services to satisfy the particular project needs of its client.

Our office in Mumbai, provides engineering & construction services for a broad range of project types, industries serviced by SES include environmental, hydrocarbon processing, industrial power and mineral processing. An activity within the environmental sector includes waste treatment, hydrocarbon processing & petrochemical industries. Our outlook for the process industry as a whole is one of optimism. SES has maintained its place of leadership and is well positioned to provide first rate quality engineering & construction services to clients. Our leadership experience & innovative abilities are qualities known to our clients and assure them of projects completed on time and within the budget with state of the art technology & design.

Satyam Engineering Services is able to provide qualified people in all level of experience to fulfill your
requirement within time limit given by you. Cost and Time saving in hiring process Availability of experts for
short and long duration / project related work Large numbers of resumes Flexibility in hiring Statutory
obligations such as workmen’s compensation, provident fund, gratuity, overtime, bonus, maternity benefits and
professional tax are no longer a clients responsibility.

We can depute following professionals / Engineers / Designers / Checkers / Pds-PdmsModeler, other
technicians / Office support staff as per the requirement within the short notice.


Satyam Engineering Services is able to handle all kinds of engineering projects of any sizes. We are highly quality conscious and strive to produce highest quality at the lowest possible cost and in the least amount of time.

We believe in hard work, quality & team effort, such as an approach has lead to long lasting relation with clients.

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